AM OHR DER WELT – The Ears of the World –

Project Week September 10th to 13th, 2019 and  World Music Festival for Children, Teenagers and Families
September 14th and 15th, 2019

Musikwelten Berlin in collaboration with the ufaFabrik, the Leo Kestenberg Musikschule and the Musikschule City West 

Join us and be charmed by unusual sounds, images and odors! Perform with your band, present your cultural background to others or explore for yourself and try out new activities: make music, listen and pay attention, ask questions and discuss, let yourself be surprised and open your eyes, do handicrafts and build, smell and cook or create with colors and materials and discover in a playful way the differences and similarities of the (musical) world!  

Through music, this festival, organized by Musikwelten Berlin in collaboration with the ufaFabrik, the Leo Kestenberg Musikschule and the Musikschule City West, wants to make the multiplicity and variety of cultures experienceable and celebrate our planet´s and especially Berlin´s diversity while offering children and families in Berlin an authentic and eclectic access to music and different cultures´ way of life. 

Taking place on the 14th and 15th of september, with 2019´s theme being “Discovering and exploring the diversity of African music worlds”,  the family festival comes as a conclusion to 16 educational offers (Global Music Journeys) and a project week for over 2.000 elementary school children. During these large family-friendly festivities at the ufaFabrik in Berlin-Tempelhof, we celebrate together with many Berliner intercultural, musical and cultural actors. Thirty cultures in forty concerts performed in turn by professionals, children and teenagers, various creative offers, music workshops, lectures, interactive music-exhibitions, culinary world expeditions, and hands-on activities! The festival stimulates musical and creative potential, allows the respectful exploration of new worlds, creates partnerships, deconstructs prejudices, reinforces togetherness and gives Berlin´s complex  intercultural actors and diverse music scene a face and a voice.

Cultural education | World music festival | Join-in Concerts | Interactive Exhibitions

Founded in 2014, Musikwelten Berlin MWB gGMBH is a non-profit organization that promotes participation in diverse and fascinating music and cultures for everyone but above all children and teenagers coming from low-income families or with a reduced access to education. Through the wide range of our offers: cultural education, interactive child and family-friendly exhibits/musical objects, join-in concerts and the large intercultural music worlds-festival “Am Ohr der Welt”, we invite you to experience, explore and (co)shape within a sociocultural context, music and living worlds from different cultures. Our offers open unique rooms for action, inspire and support artistic, intercultural, intellectual, and social skills. Outstanding musicians and professors with various cultural backgrounds convey music within a sociocultural context and help experience and learn music in an authentic way. What we propose is designed to be relevant to current societal needs and is  continually assessed by experts from the theoretical and practical field. Musikwelten Berlin would like to qualitatively and durably establish music worlds stemming from different cultures both in institutions and on the independent scene and by doing so, contribute to cultural diversity. Children and their parents as well as intercultural actors, musicians, involved music groups, educational and cultural institutes, the free scene and the economy are becoming bridge-builders, teamplayers, and assets to an interesting, peaceful and culturally diverse coexistence.